Jun 29, 2009 -- Cityline (Hong Kong) Limited announces that Cityline (Guangdong) Ltd has been selected as the Exclusive Ticketing Services Provider for the 2010 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou.

Cityline (Guangdong) Limited will provide a wide range of ticketing services for the Asian Games. Cityline (Guangdong) Limited will build, operate and maintain an integrated ticketing solution to support the official ticketing website, ticketing outlets and venue box offices. It will also provide consultancy services to the Ticketing Call Centre, system interfaces, and technical support for ticket printing and distribution.

It is estimated that around one million tickets will be available for worldwide sales. There will be 3 phases for ticket sales. The first phase will start January 2010 and end March 2010. This will be an advance sales phase and the ticket allocation will be done by lottery. The second phase will be July to August 2010, and the final phase will be October 2010 to the end of the Games. In the 2nd and 3rd Phases, tickets will be sold on real time and first-come first-served basis.

Asian Games Official Web Site: http://www.gz2010.cn/09/0630/17/5D2SDA370078002T.html

About Cityline (Hong Kong) Limited

Cityline (Hong Kong) Limited ("Cityline") is a leading ticketing service provider in Hong Kong and one of the premier ticketing service providers in Asia. Cityline now offers extensive ticketing channels to Hong Kong consumers and corporations and a comprehensive ticketing inventory management solution for a wide range of ticket issuers, including, but not limited to, cinemas, theatres, venues, theme parks, and banks. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cityline also has a presence and operations in China.